We are so glad that you found out about us.

Let us introduce ourselves and tell you how Ravesail started.

How Ravesail started?

Rave with no ego and complete freedom is nothing new. Ravesail was inspired by a rave that took place on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere. We decided we wanted to relive the experience because it was so special and liberating.

Where better than on yachts in the middle of the sea.

We turned the concept into a reality with the support of friends. We rented a catamaran, got the best wine and food, and invited our friends to test the idea.
The experience was unforgettable.

Our friend is a DJ, and whenever we sail or dock, he always has the right track for the moment. We spotted the isolated tiny island and decided to have a sunset set there. We played progressive house until sunset, then techno. We were the only ones around for miles. It was something else.

We decided that this experience was too good to be enjoyed just for us, so that’s where we came up with the idea of inviting like-minded people who would also want to experience this feeling, of rave and freedom.

This is how Ravesail was created

What's the vibe?

It's like a bushy rave, but with only the good parts of the bushy rave like food, location, drinks, and accommodations. Everything else was like an underground rave, no ego, total freedom, you do your kind of vibe. It's something new, but it's addictive.

Digital detox

We don’t like the phones at the rave. But we still want to have memories, right? So we decided, that we would have our photograph for internal use. We don’t want to ruin the moment with an Instagram story. Not a chance. So, we decided that we would have no photo policy.

Feel the moment. Talk to the people, dance, and laugh.

We can't wait to meet you

If you feel the vibe and want to experience the Ravesail on your own, click below.

The inspiration for Ravesail.

There is a remarkable taleof the plant of life in the ancient epic of Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh, the legendary king, is said to be on a perilous journey in search of eternal life deep within a treacherous wilderness. 

Driven by his infinite desire for immortality, Gilgamesh crosses dangerous mountains and treks through dark forests until he reaches the sacred realm, where the plant of life is rumoured to grow.

He overcomes endless obstacles, facing monstrous creatures and enduring arduous trials, guided by his unwavering determination.

Symbol of Plant of life

The flower symbolizes immortality in the moments we create and love.

The plant of life in our logo serves as a reminder that, while immortality may be unattainable, the moments we create and cherish have the power to last a lifetime.

After what seems like an eternity, Gilgamesh comes across a hidden oasis where the plant of life thrives. Its vibrant leaves shimmer with an otherworldly glow, and its fragrance inspires mystique and wonder in the air.

Gilgamesh plucks the precious plant with trembling hands, holding in his hands the promise of eternal youth and vitality.

A divine voice echoes through the air just as Gilgamesh prepares to consume the desired plant. It speaks of the utility of man's pursuit of immortality, reminding Gilgamesh of all living beings' inherent mortality. The voice encourages him to enjoy life's journey and accept his place in the natural order of existence

Gilgamesh, moved by this revelation, relinquishes his quest for eternal life. He returns to his kingdom with a newfound appreciation for the present moment as well as a profound understanding of the value of human connection and the legacy that one leaves behind.

The plant of life, leaves an everlasting impact on Gilgamesh’s soul. It becomes a symbol of the enduring legacy one can create through their actions, relationships, and contributions to the world, not of physical immortality.

As a result, the story of the plant of life in the epic of Gilgamesh serves as a reminder to cherish the fleeting moments of life, embrace our mortality, and strive to leave a long-lasting and meaningful impact on the world and those around us.

We take inspiration from this story, inviting guests on a transformative journey of human connection, the power of music, and the significance of embracing the present moment, free from the influence of social media.