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31.8.-7.9. 2024

Croatia, Sibenik

A week of connections, friends, and pure fun.

No judgment, no ego, and total freedom.


Somewhere on the Croatian sea.


Let us give you the experience of pure hedonism. We want to connect people through music and create the best moments in our lives.


Our raves are full of sunshine, happiness, and friends who enjoy the moment.

DJ sets in breathtaking locations, such as sunsets at deserted islands, while sailing, and more.

Music genres include melodic house, house, techno, and hard techno.

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More than rave, we value the connection between all of us. That’s why we want to remain a small group and create an environment of no judgement or social pressure. 

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Ravesail must stay hidden from the public. That's what makes it special. The exact location and timelines will be revealed only to guests.


The yachts will be ready around 18.00. All the boats will meet for a picnic dinner, where we will get to know each other. After dinner, the DJ will officially start Ravesail.



Let’s get to know each other. We will have a beach party, with games and a group lunch. The evening is reserved for competition games between the boats and an afterparty.



Monday is the day of the Rave Regatta. The rules and the prize of winning the Rave Regatta will be carefully explained in the morning. After the regatta, we will explore the islands and watch the sunset from the top of the hills. In the evening the winning boat of Rave Regatta will take the spotlight.



Tuesday is reserved for a chill day. Swimming, sunbathing, and chilling. We will dock in the marina, explore the city, have a group dinner, and organise the cinema under the stars. 



The biggest day of Ravesal. The party on the deserted island. We will close the party with a sunset set. There will be an afterparty organized for the brave souls. 



The morning is reserved for resting and chilling from the day before. For lunch, we will organize a picnic on the shore, with a chill set from our DJ. In the evening, we will go to the city to party. 



We will slowly return to the marina, with stops for swimming. We will have a faraway dinner and say goodbye with a bang! The goodbye Rave.  



We need to leave the boats by 8:00.

The schedule can change regarding the weather, conditions, or vibe.

Sail all-inclusive for €810 per person!*

*A spot booking on a monohull for one person.

You can also reserve a full yacht with your friends. Click below and check your options!

What is included in the price?

Our prices are all-inclusive.

What is included?

-Yacht and skipper

-Transit log and linens

-Marina and fuel

-Final cleaning

-DJs and sets

-Basic food and non-alcoholic drinks and more

Who can apply?

Everyone's welcome!

We welcome people of all genders who accept others as they are.

The minimum age is 18 years.

How many yachts can join?

We don't want to have large groups, therefore, there is a maximum of 5 yachts. The group is sailing, partying, and creating moments together. Every day, we sail to different locations.

How can I apply?

To join, you need to book your spot on the yacht.

If you are traveling alone, the solo spot booking is for you. It includes one bed in the 2-bed cabin. 

You can also book the full yacht with your friends.


Catamarans are luxurious and spacious. They come with a lot larger cabins and kitchens than monohulls. They have 4 cabins and can fit up to 8 guests. Each cabin has its own bathroom and toilet.

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Monohulls are classic sailing yachts designed for comfort and sailing. They have 4 cabins and can fit up to 8 guests, with one to three shared bathrooms. Best value for money.


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Friends make Ravesail.

Ravesail was inspired by Gilgamesh's epic, the story of the plant of life.

In the ancient epic of Gilgamesh, there exists a remarkable tale of the plant of life. In the wilderness, Gilgamesh, the legendary king, embarks on a perilous journey in
for eternal life...


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